Lakers News · Sports Fee Refund Instructions

Please see the note below from our bookkeeper, Eric Baker. As soon as we receive this information, we can get a check in the mail as soon as possible.

Request for 2020 Spring Sport Fee Refund

Please send me the following information to get a refund of the fee(s) you paid for your student(s) to play in spring sports:


  • Student Name(s):
  • Sport(s):
  • Legal Name for the Check: (this is who the check will be made out to)
  • Mailing Address: (where the check will be sent)


I only need one email even if you have multiple students and refunds; just put all the information in and you’ll get one check for the total amount.

Send this information – either this document as an attachment with info entered, or just an email with the above typed in the email itself – to me at

If you would rather use the money as credit on your student’s account for next year, simply do not respond to this email. Any sports fees not refunded will be automatically credited to the student’s account this summer, in time for next year.


Thank you,
Eric Baker

LOHS Bookkeeper