Lakers News · LOHS Athletics Update (December 18, 2020)

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) Executive Board has revised the Association’s calendar to start activities in February. 
Fall sports are moved to Season 2 and will begin in February with multiple activities permitted by state guidance.  This allows time for case counts to decrease in the new year and for counties to subsequently move out of the Extreme Risk category.  Cross Country and Soccer, like outdoor sports, are permitted by the  Governor’s Office and OHA in all counties.  As an indoor activity, Volleyball is tied to the Governor’s County Risk Level  Guidance and only allowed in those counties deemed as Lower, Moderate, or High Risk
Full contact football remains on the Governor’s prohibited list of activities at this time.  Discussions around possibly moving Football later in the year were not supported at this time due to concerns expressed by the OSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) regarding the impact that a later contact football season would require modifications to the Fall 2021 football season. We are hoping that the Governor and OHA will remove this prohibition, as many other states have done so and successfully concluded their football seasons. Even if this prohibition of full contact football remains, we plan on practicing and competing in some form, following the guidelines.   
Season 3 features the traditional Spring activities (Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, and Track & Field), all of which are permitted by state guidance as outdoor activities.  These will begin on April 5 and extend into the third week in May.    
The sports calendar wraps up with Season 4 and traditional winter sports (Swimming, Basketball, and Wrestling) beginning in mid‐May and extending into late June.  The shift of wrestling and basketball to the end of the calendar provides the most runway for their prohibition to be lifted by the state. The OSAA has been given no indication that a change will be made in this designation, but remains hopeful that a change could occur prior to Season 4. 
There have been questions about Seniors participating in athletics after they have graduated. The OSAA has maintained that as long as students were eligible at the start of Season 4, they will remain eligible after graduating during the course of the season. The OSAA Executive Board will be reviewing eligibility for Seniors who are eligible to graduate early, however, at this time, students must be enrolled in 3 of 4 classes regardless of whether they need those classes to graduate.
For LOHS programs that are not OSAA-sanctioned sports such as Water Polo, Skiing, Bowling and Lacrosse, we are working with those programs’ respective governing bodies to determine how closely their seasons will mirror their traditional counterparts.
For all LOHS Athletics programs, we are working on schedules and details for upcoming sports seasons and will be communicating that information as soon as it is available.
The OSAA also extended Season 1 through February 21, 2021, to allow training and workouts to occur in those areas of the state that are allowed per the Governor’s Office, OHA guidance, and local school district policy.  For information about training and workouts during Season 1, please contact your program’s head coach.  You can find a list of all of our programs and current coaches here.  Sports that are managed at LOHS are also open for registration at this time.
If you have any questions about the changes to sports seasons or general questions about Lake Oswego Athletics, please feel free to email Chris Coleman (Athletic Director / Assistant Principal) at Thank you for your support and Go Lakers!