Addition of a Sport to LOHS

Review of Sport Offerings


The following Sport Offering Review Process can be located in the Athletic Handbook. Names of administrators are included as staffing changes and the handbook is shared by both high schools. However, the Athletic Handbook states the building principal and athletic director for each high school as a reference for students.


Section 22: Sport Offering Review Process

Step #1:

A written or oral request is made to the building principal, athletic director or district athletic director/Title IX coordinator.

Step #2

The LOSD administrator creates a Request for Proposal that includes:

  1. # of participants and history of participants
  2. # or local school that play the sport
  3. Estimate cost of implementation


This proposal goes to the District Academic Team (The team includes:  Two assistant superintendents and district level directors).

Step #3

  1. The proposal goes to Cabinet.  (The group includes: the Superintendent, all the assistant superintendents, Ex. Director of Facilities and Operations, and the Ex. Director of Communications.)    
If Approved: IF Rejected:
  1. A communication plan will be developed
  2. A facilities plan will be developed
  3. Funding considerations will be determined
    1. A discussion will be held with LOEA to determine coaches stipends.
  1. The proposal will be returned to the building for additional information and/or reason for the rejection.

Step #4

The next school year the sport will be offered.

The finalized Sport Offering Review Process can be located at school.