Athletic Dept Info

Athletic Director
Brigham Baker

Athletic Secretary
Becky Kaelin

Mailing Address
2501 Country Club Road
PO Box 310
Lake Oswego, OR 97034


Membership in an athletic programs is an honor that should be carefully guarded. The privilege of competing in athletics also carries added responsibility for each participant. This privilege may be forfeited for conduct that is detrimental to the team, school, or program in general. As a member of a school program, behavior on campus, in the community, and at other schools, reflects not only on the student but on the program and school as well. Criminal acts, violence, intimidation or discrimination, whether at school or in the community, will not be tolerated and may be cause for immediate suspension from the program.

Behavior, dress, and grooming standards are at the discretion of each head coach.  It is expected that coaches recognize athletes as representatives of the LOSD. Any violations of rules or regulations that result in suspension or dismissal of individuals from teams or from participating in games must be cleared with the school’s Athletic Director.


Attendance at school for the entire day is a prerequisite for participation in contests or practices. School related activities or appointments with prior approval by the administration do not fall under this regulation. Emergency situations may be reviewed and determined by the Athletic Director.


Students must refrain from using alcohol, tobacco/vaping, and drugs.

A dangerous drug is defined as any drug obtained with or without a prescription that has been used in a potentially harmful manner. This includes, but is not limited to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and illegal performance-enhancing drugs.


Athletic contests should be conducted in an atmosphere that places maximum emphasis on good sportsmanship, positive relationships between schools, and the educational benefits of competition. Student athletes should compete under conditions which:

  • Provide a fair and equal opportunity for success.
  • Make maximum provisions for the safety of participants.
  • Provide for a broad sense of activities and a balance in competitive levels.
  • Preclude the embarrassment, humiliation, or demeaning of any team or individual.
  • Emphasize the highest possible level of professionalism and personal integrity on the part of all teachers, coaches and administrators involved.



During the Association year, practice in a sport shall not be held after the conclusion of a school’s sport season in that sport as defined in OSAA Rule 6.1.6.


Fall Sports

Practice Starts                                     August 13

First Contest                                        August 23; Football is August 30

Winter Sports

Practice Starts                                     November 12

First Contest                                        November 28

Spring Sports

Practice Starts                                     February 25

First Contest                                        March 11




Cheer- Terrie Sheik

Cross Country- Vince Kinney

Dance- Hayley DuLong

Football- Steve Coury

Boys Soccer- Fraser Morrison

Girls Soccer- Foday Kabba

Volleyball- Leejay Lee

Water Polo- Justine Kilsby




Boys Basketball- Marshall Cho

Girls Basketball- Jake Anders

Ski- Spencer Raymond

Swimming-Lauren Thies

Wrestling– Jeff Carpenter



Baseball- Jake Anders

Boys Golf- Max Carter

Girls Golf- Daniel Kirkham

Girls Lacrosse- Lauren Anderson

Softball- Chris Gobel-

Boys Tennis- Alex Hart

Girls Tennis- Susan Branam

Track- Vince Kinney


Rugby- TBA

Rowing- Kathryn Evans

Equestrian- TBA

Boys Lacrosse- Rick Gruen

Snowboarding- Dennis Cohns




Cross Country                        Varsity, JV

Cheer*                                     Varsity, JV

Dance*                                    Varsity

Football                                   Varsity, JV, Frosh

Soccer – Boys*                       Varsity, JV, JV2

Soccer – Girls                         Varsity, JV, JV2 – NO CUT (2017)

Volleyball                                 Varsity, JV, JV2 – NO CUT (2017)

Water Polo                              Varsity, JV



Basketball – Boys*                Varsity, JV, Frosh, JV2, FR2

Basketball – Girls*                Varsity, JV, JV2

Cheer*                                      Varsity, JV

Dance*                                     Varsity

Swimming                               Varsity, JV

Wrestling                                 Varsity, Novice

Ski                                             Varsity, JV



Baseball*                                 Varsity, JV, Frosh

Golf – Boys*                           Varsity, JV

Golf – Girls*                           Varsity, JV

Softball*                                  Varsity, JV, Frosh

Tennis – Boys*                      Varsity, JV, JV2

Tennis – Girls*                      Varsity, JV, JV2

Track                                       Varsity, JV


*Sports requiring tryouts

**All Sports listed here will be held to the standards of this handbook


  • Must have passed 5 classes from previous semester
  • Must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 classes during the term of participation
  • Must have a physical on file in the athletic office on the OSAA School Sports Pre-Participation Examination form Part 1 by parent/student and Part 2 by a licensed physician every two years
  • Turn in completed LOSD Athletic Clearance Form
  • Have documented medical insurance coverage entered on the LOSD Athletic Clearance Form
  • Must have participation fee paid to the Bookkeeper ($300)

All student athletes must be cleared prior to any participation through the bookkeeping and the athletic department.