Hall of Fame Nomination


The Lake Oswego High School Athletic Hall of Honor is to Select and Honor:

  • Outstanding athletes who have distinguished themselves in their respective sports
  • Coaches who have contributed significantly to the social, physical, and intellectual development of LOHS student athletes and/or to the excellence of the athletic program
  • Teams that have set themselves apart by notable achievement
  • Other individuals (e.g., administrators, community leaders) who have made outstanding contributions to the LOHS athletic program and/or who have contributed significantly to the development of the student-athletes who are selected as Hall of Fame members
  • Criteria for selection include achievements while at LOHS, plus accomplishments in athletics and/or in other fields later in life


No candidate shall be considered until after five years following graduation of his/her class.

The candidate

  • Must have demonstrated exceptional ability in his/her sport
  • Must have exhibited commitment, a strong work ethic, and leadership in athletic participation
  • Must have achieved continued success in his/her sport beyond high school
  • May have received athletic recognition (e.g., team captain, All-League honors, All-State honors, holder of school or state record, most valuable player award, participation in a major national or international athletic event, success as a professional athlete)


  • Must have coached at least ten years at LOHS, with final season completed at least five years prior to nomination
  • Demonstrated success as a coach not just with won-loss record but by positive, enduring impact on athletes, on the school, and on the community
  • Created a culture of trust, caring, and respect – the core values that make LOHS an outstanding school
  • Demonstrated ability to be a true educator to student-athletes, developing their character, self-responsibility and self-confidence
  • Provided an exemplary role model through demonstrated integrity, work ethic, commitment, and sportsmanship
  • May have been given specific recognition among his/her peer group (e.g., coach of the year)
  • May have achieved impressive won-loss record and/or won state championship(s)


  • Exceptional accomplishments at and above the league level
  • Made significant impact and/or brought special distinction to LOHS athletics
  • Established a school record or records

Other Recognition

Any individual whose support of the LOHS athletic program over time has made a noteworthy impact to the program and to its student-athletes.

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